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As part of the Refugee Learning Stories project, Gabi and I have been trawling through organisations’ websites for reports, blogs, case studies or videos that can tell us more about the work they do to support refugees’ learning. This so-called ‘grey literature’ is not peer reviewed or published in journals but gives us some insight into work that is taking place in communities.

We’ve come across lovely examples of learning online, offline and in blended settings. Some organisations have blogs reflecting on their learning activity throughout the project. Some organisations have case studies told from the learners’ perspective included in their annual reports. Some have video channels. But many, many others have little or no grey literature available that reflects the work they are doing on the ground. One organisation had not uploaded their annual reports since 2014. A lot has happened since 2014!

Of course, most organisations supporting displaced people are overstretched but this seems a missed opportunity to share practice with other organisations working in the same context. What has worked for your learners? How are you innovating together to create new learning spaces? How do you manage to deliver effective learning programmes on (very) limited budgets? Do you partner with learning providers (colleges, universities, Mooc platforms)?

We’ll be sharing some of the stories we’ve found over the coming weeks on this site. We’ve also created a ‘Research and Resources‘ section to allow people to share their organisations’ grey literature without having to write a blog post. We know you are busy people doing important work, and we really appreciate you taking the time to share.

By Gill Ryan