Refugee Learning Stories

This MA programme will help me learn how countries engage in strategic decision making

With diplomacy studies, I will be able to bring justice for all

I will be equipped with knowledge to help build up my country again

Sanctuary Scholars’ Stories

Protected: I just managed to catch the light and achieve my dream of studying in higher education

Protected: The only way forward is getting a better education that will benefit me as well as my community

Supported mobile learning in the “Third Spaces” between non-formal and formal education for displaced people

The Magic Flower – On the process of learning

Marwa Belghazi @BelghaziMarwa

Open, online higher education options for refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland

Dr James Brunton (@drjamesbrunton)

WhatsApp as a learning and support tool

Marwa Belghazi @BelghaziMarwa

A SPLOT on the web: Refugee Learning Stories

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